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Read what parents, schools and children think about No Fuss Lunch!

No Fuss Lunch has been a godsend for our Woodside Avenue School Children. The food is delicious, the ordering is easy, the price is reasonable and the service is excellent, but none of those are the best part! Because No Fuss Lunch uses no white sugar, no white flour, no GMO foods and no factory-farmed animal food we can rest assured that our kids are being properly nourished at lunch and that they are not being damaged by the hightly processed toxic foods that are at the the root of most chronic diseases that are rampant in America. Thank you No Fuss Lunch!

David E. Wertheimer MD., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.P

NFL gives me peace of mind, knowing that my kids are getting at least one healthy meal a day. The kids love looking at the menu and selecting their lunch on line. I like having the order sent directly to my calendar so I know I actually remembered to order and can see what they ate that day.

Lisa Parent, High Mountain Road Scool

I have been very pleased with the service and quality that No Fuss Lunch has provided since I began working with them last year. Their staff consists of hard working professionals, who go above and beyond to meet the needs of the school district. Upon arrival, they modified their system to accommodate our large student population. Students have raved about the lunch options and the quality of the food. No Fuss Lunch provides fruits, vegetables, gluten-free options, and a variety of kid-friendly choices. Our students loved the tacos, chicken fingers, meatball sandwiches, and French toast. They don’t even realize they are eating healthy, nutritious foods.

Kevin Stokes Principal, East Brook Elementary School, Park Ridge

We are entering our 3rd year with NFL as the lunch provider at our school. NFL has been a great partner for us. They allowed us to offer our students a quality, healthy lunch at a price comparable to our previous provider. We have been able to set the standard when it comes to nutritious lunch offerings for all of the schools in our district, and that makes me proud. I'm very glad we found NFL. We have found a great partner and provider.

Rebecca Rund Former PTA President and Current PTA Board Member, Woodside Avenue School

I love the easy online ordering and the selection offered to my kids. I feel happy knowing that my child is getting a healthy lunch with a range of sides that round the meal out. The quality of the food far exceeds anything else out there right now, and the quality is very important to me. I'm truly glad that our school selected NFL as the lunch provider. I think all of our kids are better off for it.

Rebecca Rund Parent, Woodside Elementary School

No Fuss Lunch has transformed our Senior lunch program. The seniors are enjoying healthy, restaurant inspired meals made with fresh ingredients. The meals are delicious and our seniors are appreciating the importance of good nutrition.

Tricia Mueller Thomas J. Riley Senior Center

No Fuss Lunch has helped Far Brook launch a successful pilot lunch program for our School. Our students and families are very happy with the convenience and healthy choices offered, and with the easy weekly ordering and reminders. We are happy to report that the lunch program is now being expanded to bring the delicious choices to even more grades. Thank you, No Fuss Lunch, for feeding us well.

Jennifer Barba Director of Communications for Farbrook School

I love No Fuss Lunch! The food is amazing and I love the dips she puts with the food. There is so much to choose from. I really like the chocolate chip cookies and brownies. My Mom tells me it's also super healthy.

Chloe Age 9, Wyckoff, New Jersey