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When Gabriella Wilday’s oldest child started 1st Grade, there was no school lunch provider that met her standards of fresh, healthy, less processed foods made with organic ingredients whenever possible. Instead, Amelie’s school lunch was bland, highly processed frozen food, overcooked and filled with empty calories. Tired of these poor options, founder Gabriella Wilday set out to provide a reasonably priced, healthy school lunch.

Founded in 2012, on the belief that nutrition is paramount to the mental and physical development of children and adolescents, No Fuss Lunch provides thousands of healthy school lunches to children across the State of New Jersey.

100% Nut-Free 100% Nut-Free
Flexible Online Order System Flexible Online
Order System
Vegetarian Options Vegetarian Options
Allergy friendly Allergy friendly

Unlike institutional school lunch providers, No Fuss includes an entrée, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, dip, from-scratch treat, water, and an anti-bacterial wipe or gel with every lunch. All food is as organic as possible, our beef is grass-fed, and our poultry is cage-free. What’s NOT included in ANY No Fuss lunch is white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, GMO’s and MSG.

Since inception, No Fuss Lunch has realized rapid growth in NJ through word-of-mouth and the help of visionary school administrators who acknowledge that what students eat affects how they perform in the classroom. What started in one school has now spread to over 40 across Bergen, Morris and Essex Counties, with plans to expand throughout the tri-state area.

Whether No Fuss Lunch is operating a cafeteria with 300 or 3,000 students, our guiding principals are the same; provide high-quality, healthy school lunches at a reasonable price that taste delicious. After all, there is no nutrition in a lunch that goes uneaten.

Headquarters, Hawthorne NJ. Contact Us: